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On the lime infused Mexican road

I´ve been ticking off the cliche experiences in Mexico, drinking too much tequila, staring at ancient pyramids and gorging on nachos and burritos on the streets of Merida. I´ve found the Mexican people to be warm and sublimely helpful, the stereos cranked to a higher level than other Latin American countries and no absence of live music wherever I wander. Basically loving it.

I only wish I could capture more Mexican faces through my lens. I feel more intrusive with my camera than in some other countries, the general reaction to my intentions making me realise that my camera is generally best left out of view. I totally understand that, but there are so many cool looking characters wandering the Mexican streets that I would love to share; the beautiful weather worn faces, tough Senoras and sweet children. I will have to record them with my mind alone.

Like everyone else on the Gringo Trail I wasn´t going to miss visiting one of the worlds new natural wonders – the ancient pyramid of Chichen Itza. But unfortunately I was underwhelmed; irritated by the constant hourdes of hawkers pushing me to buy miniature pyramids, gawdy souvenirs or get my name engraved in Mayan script on a piece of leather. Like the Great pyramids of Egypt – Chichen Itza was, for me, one of the cliches I should have just left as a wonder.

Sure the big pyramid was impressive, but the bus loads of flag following gringos and the general vibe was less than enchanting. Plus it´s expensive, the food outside sux and I couldn´t get out of their quick enough.

I´m now on the Caribbean coast hoping the rain stops so I can explore the beachside culture and underwater world of Mexico for my last four days here. Show me what else you got Mexico!


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