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Perfecting the art of doing nothing on Lake Atitlan

I feel like I´ve been sprinting way to quickly through Central America, so much so that my disobedient knee (that I tore apart hiking in Borneo a few years ago) is totally misbehaving – making walking painful. So when it came to choosing a place to stay on Lake Atitlan my body was screaming STOP!

After a year and half on the road living out of a backpack I´ve reached a moment where I want to do nothing. Talk to no one, hardly move, eat a lot, sleep at odd hours and get lost in a book.

There are plenty of hostels around Lago Atitlan, but I heard about a space that focuses on the environment, natural construction and tranquility. Three days of solitude at Aaculaax is just what the good shaman ordered. With a focus on adobe construction, recycled materials, glass artwork, a permaculture garden, as well as massage and art workshops I`m in some kind of earthy paradise.

It´s hard to think of all the hikes around the lake I`m missing out on, not to mention the volcanoes I wanted to climb that I can see from my window. But I know that stopping and reflecting is some times just as important as exploring. In the meantime I’m inspired by the surrounding architecture, dreaming of a home I would build if I ever stopped long enough to connect with one place.

I still have a rapid path through Mexico to carve, four days exploring Havana, a stopover with buddies in Vancouver and a decadent Japanese visit with a friend from Brisbane. All before I even start exploring Asia with Andres! So for now it´s all about doing nothing and a juicy book by my favoruite Colombian author – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Thank god for fiction!


When little is done, little is said; silence is the mother of truth. Benjamin Disreali

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There are 2 Comments to "Perfecting the art of doing nothing on Lake Atitlan"

  • cassie vincent says:

    Dear Ginny, what an amazing looking place for you to rest your weary bones sista. I would want to stay there forever. Your cave looks divine and not to even mention the door!!! and windows.The light in the morning would look gorgeous.The lake is crying out to throw a line at first light!!. love you darl.xx

  • kris says:

    Thanks Cassata, there is an essence of The Hawkesbury going on here for sure. I was definitely thinking of our early mornings in the boat as I watched sunrise. I might be eating fish for – but still not up to hauling one in myself ha ha. Back to the cave… 😀 Love you too x

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