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Tikal – exploring the heart of the Mayan world in Guatemala

It´s hard to fathom the importance and grandeur of Tikal National Park until you spend time walking the dense jungle paths, climbing the steep stairs of ancient pyramids and gazing across the thick canopy from a Mayan sacrificial altar.

The ambience of the landscape alone is humbling. The air is heavy with the menacing buzz of mosquitoes and grunting howler monkeys. The rambling tree roots that envelope slippery paths make walking through the ruins precarious.

After seven hours of trudging from site to site I can´t say it was nearly enough. I wish I could have slept overnight and watched the sunset from a high stone ledge, witness the expanse of stars and imagine how life was so long ago.

For the Mayan people of Guatemala, Tikal is their spiritual home. A complex city of archaeological ruins that stand to honour the power, intelligence and religious beliefs of a civilisation that prayed to the gods of nature, calculated complex astronomical patterns, respected the cycles of the seasons and created incredibly beautiful artwork. I have always been in awe of the Maya.

After a sunrise start in the rain, the skies cleared to reveal a formidable heat and a glaring blue sky. For my first Mayan experience, Tikal has only fuelled my excitement for what lies ahead in the jungles of Mexico!


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