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Looking for cool cats in Belize’s beautiful Jaguar Sanctuary

Belize just happens to have the most jaguars in the world, and considering they are an endangered species I imagined how amazing it would be to spot one in the wild. Fortunately for these handsome big cats, they are protected by the worlds first jaguar preserve at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and there are up to 80 of them living throughout the area protected from hunters.

Chances of seeing a jaguar are slim, most of all because they are nocturnal and extremely shy. It also didn’t help that we were a group of four chatty adults making a tonne of noise hiking through the jungle. The really cool thing about the sanctuary is the abundance of water, set in thick jungle we hiked through heavily shaded trails to gorgeous waterfalls and swam in bracingly cold fresh pools. A couple of people were swimming in this waterfall recently and didn’t realise until they looked at the photo they had taken with a self timer that a jaguar was sitting in the background watching them from the waterfall. Super cool.

Truth be told if we saw one we all probably would have shit ourselves, but we were on constant lookout. Considering they sleep in trees during the day we made the most of the lengthy river running through the park and set off for some tubing. Lying back in a rubber ring and floating slowly down a river current makes it a lot easier to look up in to the canopy. Even after an hours meander downstream we didn’t manage to spot a sleeping jaguar. Regardless, the tubing experience was a highlight of the whole jungle experience.

It’s just good to know that areas exist in the world to protect the future of such beautiful creatures. Belize seems to be quite progressive when it comes to protecting their natural assets. If you want to know more about environmental sustainability in a rapidly developing Belize check out The Belize Audubon Society. 






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