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Kicking the drumming breeze in Belize

For a small country Belize has a lot of different landscapes on offer. Most travellers head straight to the coast to explore one of the best reef systems in the world and spend time diving. I wanted a different experience.

Belize is also pricey by Central America standards so I knew I had to choose my destinations wisely. Most of all I wanted a low key stop, away from the resort towns.

I headed straight for the the sleepy Caribbean village of Hopkins, where I’ve been happily waylaid for longer than expected. I was attracted to Hopkins because it’s known as the cultural heartland of the Garifuna people in Belize, and I also heard I could see some down and dirty traditional drumming!

Garifuna music is a unique style that is very reliant on drums. I can’t begin to understand the rythms but I do know that it makes you want to dance. With some new travelling buddies I set out for some lessons in how to beat it, shake it and basically jump around. We probably murdered the technique but no one seemed to really care. Good soulful times were had by all!


If you want to stay in Hopkins there is a great budget option at The Funky Dodo Hostel. Good times Mister Will!

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