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Finding my natural Guatemalan groove

Craving some complete solitary time I asked around about hiking close to Livingston. Someone told me about some natural pools further along the coast that were a little complicated to get to. Sounded perfect to me. Setting off early I caught a taxi out of the village to a dead end where a foot bridge would take me through jungle to the Caribbean coast.

I met a quietly spoken boy of 11 named Rodriguez, he was lugging a heavy bucket of fresh tomatoes on his shoulder. He was visibly straining under the weight so I offered to help him. As we walked carrying the produce between us he told me about himself. Everyday he sells vegetables from his family farm; the youngest of four boys, Rodriguez doesn´t go to school so he can help earn money for the family. Sad but common.

Further along the beach I passed fishermen hauling in their bounty as pelicans dived for their share of an easy catch. Along the way I met a sweet young girl waiting by her family boat laden with fresh fish, limes and corn from their garden. Lilia offered me the purest smile and wanted to chat. Even though we spoke Spanish her first language, like many families in this part of Guatemala is Q’eqchi’. We waved goodbye and I said I´d stop on the walk back.

Eventually I came to the incredible natural pools that are set back a few hundred metres from the ocean and shaded by lush trees. I was completely alone for a few hours of blissful silence. Bright dragonflies kept landing on me as I swam in and out of the fresh water. It was just the paradise I
was seeking.

Returning along the coastline I found a local restaurant run by a friendly Garifuna man, he had played Premier League football back in 1966. He cooked using ingredients from his back yard garden and fish from the ocean out the front. It was seriously the best meal I´ve had since I can´t remember.

I relish days like this; unhurried, time to talk to locals, nature rich and peaceful. I´m glad I gave Livingston the extra time it deserves. I´m truly grateful to be on this journey and don´t take any of it for granted, but the only thing missing to make it a perfect day – my best friend.


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