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The sweet life of Rio Dulce

The Caribbean town of Livingston sits on the Eastern coast of Guatemala right below Belize. It´s also the gateway to a huge river system that winds it´s way to the second biggest lake in Central America – Lake Izabal. It´s a mixed up, funky kind of place that feels very Caribbean, a little bit like your on the banks of the sweaty Amazon, and a whole lot Garifuna!

The Garifuna people speak a different language that sounds very African, with a mash of rapid fire Spanish thrown in and a good peppering of English slang. They sound a little like they are singing to each other, the way of communicating very much a different cultural identity for many people living in this part of Central America.

I thought it would be cool to take a day trip along the river of Rio Dulce and see what life is like, wander the markets, dip my sweaty toes in the hot spring and poke around the cliffs. Besides the saddening amount of pilfered marine life for sale; such as fan corals, turtle shells and other threatened species, life on the river looks pretty sweet!


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