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Trouble in Honduran paradise

It’s unfair to have an opinion about a place without spending much time, but after a mere three days in Roatan I’m getting some strong vibes. Unsettled vibes. It might have something to with the warning about walking between two of the main beaches. “Ah, I wouldn’t do that if I was you, someone got robbed a couple of weeks ago and their fingers were cut off with a machete”.

Or maybe it’s the fact I read a poster in the street, an appeal from a recently shot Aussie guy needing money for his medical bill – an expat living on the island involved in a personal dispute. Add to that a conversation with a local this morning about a restaurant owner that just shot two men. “But, itsh ooookay mahn, they be robbin him!”

For such a beautiful landscape there are some heavy cautions to deal with. Dangers I’m not willing to turn a blind eye to. Besides all of that, travelling solo here has another set of annoyances. The local men are as slippery as an Exxon Valdez oil spill and they are as relentless and as irritating as the squadron of island mosquitoes. “Hey baby, whatcha doin? Cum and taka sunset fantasee crooze in ma boat. I’m a Capitan o da island! That’s the G rated version.

I’m old enough to know none of it is flattering and handle it with humour, but it’s sufficiently annoying to not want to stroll the streets, instead choosing to hole myself up in my overpriced cabana. The old shaking hands and diving in for a hug/grope is also a popular move in these parts.

Having said all that, The Bay Islands also hold some serious charm. The water is amazing, if you are a diving fiend you have found your Central American mecca. If you are happy to frolick closer to the surface, snorkelling through pristine coral and shoals of bright parrot fish, you will be in some kind of watery heaven. My best conversations in recent days have been with fish.

If you like the idea of a luxury stay on a beach that looks like the entire State of Florida has checked in to use there time share condo, then you’ll love West Bay. If you want to find the cheaper option and dodge rasta men, then head to West End.

A few days is enough for me, I like a more laid back, budget atmosphere, complete with a secure and unhassled place to stroll. It’s been brief but very real Honduras!


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