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Looking for crocodiles in Juan Venado Island Nature Reserve

Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve is an important protected coastal wetland in North Western Nicaragua. It sits behind the stunning and practically uninhabited beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya and acts as a barrier island; creating the perfect swampy environment for crocodiles, turtles and different species of birds. The island is a thin strip of land that is only 22km in length and less than a kilometre wide, so you can take a small boat up river on one side and reemerge on the other to explore the wild coastline.

Emma and I were hoping to see some crocodiles that grow over 3 metres long, or stumble across some Olive Ridley sea turtles coming in to the beach at sunset. We glided alongside the bubbles of a big croc and saw the yellow watching eyes and sudden splashing tail of some smaller caiman, but we were unlucky on the turtle front. We needed to stay longer to watch them come inland under the protection of darkness.

Regardless, we were happy seeing such a beautiful and unique ecosystem, content to watch the light change, walk on a beach littered with shells and appreciate the friendly local community. A naturally gorgeous way to end what I wish could be more time spent exploring Nicaragua.


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