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Peaking inside Poas Volcano

Central America is bursting with volcanic action, so I was pretty keen when a friend suggested a day trip to Poas Volcano National Park. Poás is still very much active, it´s an easy walk up to a look out where you can peer in to the internal lake, bubbling away at a steamy 40 degrees.

The surrounding environment is covered in dense and mossy forest, thriving on the lava rich soil from previous eruptions. The air is a breathless combination of sulphorous fumes and high altitude freshness. There is also a distinct absence of animal life, bar a few agile squirrels, but some gorgeous plant life perfectly adapted to the volatile environment.

For my first up close volcano experience Poas didn´t disappoint. What I´m really looking forward to when I reach Nicaragua is going volcano boarding on Cerro Negro!


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