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Costa Rica animal conservation – sloth style

It’s not everyday you get to spend time with one of the most bizarre animals in the world – the humble sloth. They are an endangered species in much of Central and South America, but in Costa Rica there is an amazing rehabilitation centre dedicated to conserving this charming furry beast.

Most of the sloths that are rescued by the centre have been injured by electrical wires, abandoned by their mothers through injury or death, hit by cars or taunted by locals. The Sloth Sanctuary is changing the future of the sloth by re-educating the communities surrounding the habitats where these precious mammals live, as well as creating a beautiful environment to observe other local species such as howler monkeys and Basilisk lizards.

Sloths live up to 30 years, spend 8-12 hours a day sleeping, bother to defecate only once a week and move slowly through the trees eating leaves. Many of the sloths that are rescued need a lot of rehabilitation, but the sanctuary returns up to 80% back in to the wild. For the sloths that are unable to make it back to the jungle they spend idyllic days hanging in cane chairs, cuddling blankets and smiling at curious foreigners.

Watching them get around with such an economy of movement, a cheeky face and a paw outstretched for cuddles is a real pleasure. It was love at first sight for me!


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