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Indulging my inner nature nerd in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s main appeal for me has always related to everything natural. So much so I headed straight to the local Botanical Gardens in Puerto Viejo where I was pleased to be the only tourist amongst a startling array of gorgeous tropical plants, exotic fruits and a few beautiful creatures, exactly the type of environment I dream of for my own future garden. The botanical garden is cultivated using permaculture techniques and also harvested for the local organic market. The entrance fee includes a lengthy fresh fruit and organic chocolate tasting, topped off with a seasonal juice. Pure heaven.

The main beach is as black as the skin of the majority of locals and the vibe is pure organic. There seems to be a high level of environmental awareness in the town and the Calypso and Reggae beats pouring out of local restaurants feels like pure Caribe. The locals are all smiles and the atmosphere feels like an exotic Byron Bay.

The quality of food is amazing and the regional influences are starting to change. Garlic and coconut fused fish with red beans and red rice, smothered in creole style onions, served up with a fresh pineapple and rice drink – just the subtle flavour difference I’ve been craving. Costa Rica is already making me feel super alive!


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