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Exploring the local life of Bocas del Toro

Determined to get away from the hourdes of tourists I hired a boat taxi to a not so frequently visited island known as Isla San Cristobal. One of the few places in the Bocas del Toro archipelago where the indigenous community are still living basically, using natural medicines, creating traditional crafts to support their fishing community and living the simple life.

Bocas del Toro is a beautiful cultural melting pot of Afro Caribbean people that immigrated from Jamaica, San Andres and other Caribbean islands. Also indigenous people from different tribes, the most common being the Ngobe people that live on Cristobal Island.

I could have gone diving, caving, surfing or even sailing, but on my rapid journey through Central America my main mission is to focus on the natural places, the way communities are living, as well as seeing as much animal life as I can. Also, I really can´t afford to do any of the fancy stuff, and for me, meeting and talking to the people is a true highlight.

Panama has so many places worth visiting, I only wish I had time to explore further, especially areas like the coffee region and the animal rich cloud forests. Compared to the past year and a half focusing on only three countries, my new challenge is choosing the few must see places and letting go of the desire to see each country thoroughly. Not a bad quagmire all things considered.

Even though the people of Isla San Cristobal are very poor, they seem completely rich in another way, as today they gifted me with so many beautiful smiles.


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