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Park bench fare

Feeling scabby and hungry and in need of a good walk? Catch the Subte to Plaza Italia (Palermo), head across to the artsy green zone and get hunting!*

Word on the park bench is that there are some pretty tasty felines lurking in the Botanical Gardens. You can amuse yourself, get some much needed city exercise and apparently also hunt your dinner! All that for free.

A reliable gentleman confessed, people who are seriously stretched for dosh are oven roasting the local cats. The friendly beasts pretty much saunter up to you and sit on your lap as you arrive. We counted 10 in the first 50 metres. They are boldly claiming the park lands and scoffing their fare share of birds nests. So whose to miss a few?

People eat possum back home. Maybe the locals are actually saving some native bird species in the process? We thought the fat geese at a neighbouring park looked a little more meaty, but hey – they must be harder to catch. And don’t geese protect each other with some kind of flock mentality?

Another fun and free activity we’re suggesting is ‘adopt a hound’. Hours of furry love can be had at any of these beautiful parks. Dozens of dog walkers stroll around with apartment dwelling canines every day en masse. These people need some kind of medal, they walk up to 15 dogs at a time then manage them peacefully for a few hours. If you go up and start chatting, pay one sweet dog a little attention, no one is going to mind. In fact, they frequent the same parks regularly; so you could almost have a virtual hound with benefits but with no cleaning, washing or pooper scooping. Dodgy? Yes, but think of the cats.


*Not endorsed by my vegetarian sensibilities.

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There are 2 Comments to "Park bench fare"

  • Andrew Best says:

    I quite fancy the idea of a lazy cat stew. Nice stroll in the park followed by some petting and an easily caught meal. So much less mess than plucking all those feathers and you can pat your next meal and laze while you slow-cook your dinner.
    The photos look amazing, I think we should definitely start planning our trip – when are you moving into that mansion???

  • sporks says:

    Sounds like you’ve got the idea with the cat stew Andrew! Be great to see you guys here anytime, but inroads to the mansion are annoyingly slow, a sugar daddy in need of a couple seems to be a rare commodity in these parts. Working on it.

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