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Re-energising in the waterfalls of San Gil

San Gill has an abundance of waterfalls, natural ponds and the perfect heat to enjoy what can only be considered a natural paradise. We took a walk to one of the best waterfalls in the area known as Juan Curi. Locals say the 180 metre falls are named after the old owner of the property – Juan. In Spanish the word Curi translates to guinea pig and as Colombians believe that the furry little beasts like to have lots of sex, and apparently so did Juan, the waterfalls were christened accordingly.

Along the path to La Cascada de Juan Curi butterflies flitted, birds sang, tropical plants sprung forth and all the while the sound of distant falls beckoned; a scene too idyllic to believe. After a sweaty walk it’s amazing to stand under the full force of the water, actually it kind of hurts a little, but in a way that makes your skin tingle for hours afterward. We felt completely alive.

Another spectacular place to cool off is called Pozo Azul or Blue Pond, a wide river of small cascades and a handy bar set up. We spent the perfect hot Sunday afternoon jumping in and out of the fresh water and cooling off with a beer. The air is so clean in San Gil that from almost every tree you’ll find hanging air plants, flowering orchids and tropical epiphytes.

The entire area is blessed with an average annual temperature in the high twenties and like a lot of places in Colombia the climates doesn’t change all year with the seasons because it’s dependent on elevation not location. For me, San Gil has the most blissful environment in the country, as well as being super clean and full of places to escape in nature.

For our last few days in Colombia, San Gil has been the ideal place to finish what has been an amazing insight in to the many faces of my new favourite South American country.

We’ll be finishing Colombia on a high tomorrow as we paraglide over the local canyon and hopefully feel what it’s like to fly, even for just a moment.


Nature always wears the colour of the spirit. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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