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A spork in the road: it’s time to go our separate ways

Since we left Australia we’ve had an incredible 16 months travelling together in South America and next week things are about to be very different. But super exciting. I’m flying to Panama on Tuesday to start my whirlwind Central American exploration and Andres is making his way to Cambodia via a decent stop in Russia and Hong Kong. Although we’ve travelled separately before, this time we’ll be further apart than ever in two completely different worlds. It feels a little scary but in a good and challenging way.

When I met Andres in Brisbane I had recently come back from Jordan and Egypt and all I could think about was where to next. It’s always been my habit to return from one adventure and obsess about the next destination; Central America was the new dream.

Andres had been studying International Relations in Australia with a focus on Asia, he was also learning Mandarin and planning a lengthy trip to Nepal and Cambodia. We immediately knew we wanted to travel together, especially after our hiking adventure in the Nepali Himalayas. Argentina was the middle path as we both didn’t have a problem getting visas and neither of us had travelled there before. Naively, we thought it would be easy to get jobs there.

There are a boring number of reasons why Andres can’t travel through Central America right now.
At first we were disappointed, but after rethinking it we’ve decided we should follow our individual dreams and enjoy our new direction, just separately. As a couple we know that time apart is healthy, empowering and ultimately makes you closer. I’m also not quite ready to stop speaking Spanish and a bit more solo time should give my new language an extra kick.

Andres is super excited about stopping in Russia as he’s always been attracted to the culture and history, and Hong Kong will be just the introduction he’s craving for re-entry back in to Asia. Although he’s really enjoyed returning to his home country, being back on Latin turf is’nt nearly as challenging as immersing himself in a completely opposite culture. Now’s the time for him to jump back in.

What about the rest of South America? I had already visited Peru, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador and Bolivia four years ago so I feel like I’ve satisfied my wanderings on this continent well and truly, for now. I’m excited about Central American volcanoes, a change in landscape, a shift in traditional food and all the cultural differences on the way. Andres is already learning some basic Russian and hoping to settle in to Cambodian culture until I get there and we start exploring South East Asia together. The main aim being to return to live in Australia and be around our much missed friends.

It feels like the beginning of a whole new chapter. For those people that have shared our journey so enthusiastically and with much appreciated support we hope you’ll enjoy the next part of what has become the adventure of a life time. Living and Loving Latin America is fast turning in to Squeezing the most out of life on various continents.

Stand by for posts from Central America and Russia simultaneously!


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness – Mark Twain

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