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Exploring the remote desert of la guajira

In the Northern most Colombian province of La Guajira an expansive and unforgiving desert meets the Caribbean sea. A remote wilderness of scorching heat where indigenous communities are barely surviving on the gifts from the ocean and visitors have the opportunity to feel completely alone.
The disparity between rich and poor is glaringly obvious as the locals struggle to survive alongside frequently passing trains that flaunt a wealth of coal for export. You get the sense, like a lot of places in Colombia, that money is being laundered by the Government and essential resources aren´t landing in the right hands.

With temperatures tipping 50 degrees we spent our time floating in the perfectly still ocean, walking at sunrise to remote beaches and admiring the best sunsets we’ve seen in South America. For Colombians and gringos alike it’s not a very popular place to visit, not only because it doesn’t connect with any local buses, but there is almost nothing to do there that doesn’t involve nature besides kite surfing. There is also no regular electricity, running water, internet or night life. Regardless, the landscape holds it´s own charm and is home to an intersting mix of animals. Just our kind of place!


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There are 2 Comments to "Exploring the remote desert of la guajira"

  • Wendy says:

    Hi Kris – looks remote and beautiful. How did you get there if there were no buses? Inquiring minds want to know. Take care! Un beso.

  • kris says:

    Ah Wendy, you guys would love it, especially the geology I´m guessing. You can hitch a ride from the nearest town on a truck which can take up to 3 hours by all reports. We met some Colombians in a jeep going our way from Camarones so we shared the journey and fuel costs with them. Hope all is well in Cordoba with you guys. x

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