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Fishing for sunsets at Taganga

Some people refer to Taganga’s beach side location as terrible, on the less common side she’s also well loved. For us, Taganga is turning out to be the perfect place to re-energise. Granted, if your looking for the classic Caribbean beach, Taganga is not going to deliver; with an abundance of rubbish you need to squint your eyes to make the overall scene more attractive. We can squint.

But, if you want to live beach side in Colombia for under $100 a week, including everything you need, and not be camping, then Taganga starts to look pretty attractive.

What visitors might forget is that all in all it’s a working fishing village and it’s not really pretending to be a luxury resort town. With Tayrona National Park only a quick boat ride away, perfect beaches are extremely close anyway.

Taganga is a cheaper destination to hang out than neighbouring Santa Marta, but for our taste, doesn’t have any of the high rise either. Also, a big part of the charm is the local fishing community, the slow pace of life and the simplicity of options. If you like swimming in the ocean, watching the world go by, killer sunsets and walking around ocean side cliffs, Taganga has all you need.

For more images of this fish focused village visit our El Caribe Facebook album here, but these are my stand out favourites.


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