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Caribbean Island Time

It had been well over a year since we sunk our toes in to white sandy beaches, dipped our travelling bodies in to a balmy ocean and lied motionless listening to the sound of waves. In fact the last beach we enjoyed was in chilly Patagonia, complete with a colony of elephant seals. But not quite the same. Super excited to finally be on our way to a Caribbean island we were ready to strip naked and run frolicking through the salty foam!

Our first sight of Baru Island didn’t disappoint. After over 2 hours on a tourist junket from Cartagena we were ready to jump off and free ourselves from the day trippers, find a place to camp and explore the salty under water world of tropical fish.

The entire island has no power or running water so life is deliciously simple. We spent three days navel gazing, hammock rocking, fish tasting, crab chasing and coconut sipping. The only challenge being the prolific salesman wandering the beach, offering massages, fresh lobsters, local jewellery and coco-loco’s or fresh coconut juice with a generous dash of Rum!

Fireflies at night, perfect sunsets and overpriced but incredibly tasty food made the whole experience a divine re-initiation in to the world of beach heaven. The only real downsides being the menacing sand flies and no running water, which means the toilet is off the beach and a salty and very itchy unwashed crust sets in after two days.

We love the Caribbean landscape so much we’ve decided to just keep camping all the way to the Northern most point of Colombia! For a growing album of El Caribe inspiration log into our Facebook album here.


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