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Hiking to San Isidro

I was long overdue to get my hike on, determined to find some people to help me scratch the trekking itch. Wandering solo in nature isn’t a safe idea in a lot of places, especially Iruya. After a heavy night of rain the river was frothing a turgid chocolate colour and the soft soil of the mountains became precarious to walk on. Landslides are normal in this terrain.

Celestino – the grandfather of the house I was staying at, just happened to be a willing guide. I’d met some guys on the bus to Iruya and they where as keen to explore as I was. Score. It took us 8 hours of soggy river crossings and sweaty rock climbs to reach San Isidro and return; a small town only accessible by horse or on foot. A mere 8km from Iruya, but the dramatic and ever changing path means you are rewarded with sheer cliffs, deep terracotta gorges and lush green valleys. An unbelievable, high altitude romp!


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There are 2 Comments to "Hiking to San Isidro"

  • Natalie says:

    ahh – it looks so beautiful – and cold! Please tell me it is cold there in summer! (because I am sweating my way through a Qld summer)

  • sporks says:

    Rest assured it is freezing cold in Summer Nat. At 3,200 metres above sea level, plus Summer rain, it only get’s hot when you walk fast! Missing Queensland weather right now but loving everything else 🙂

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