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Practicing the art of solo travel

Tomorrow I jump on a bus headed North to Salta. Happily solo. After nine months in Argentina travelling as a couple it’s time to don my single hat and hit the bumpy road. I’ve been wavering between excited and nervous, but most of all determined.

It’s the ideal chance to immerse myself in Spanish without the patient assistance of Andres. The perfect opportunity to make every decision, be a little selfish and let my leg hairs hang out. Ultimately, feel the pride of handling every foreign situation.

I’ve been all through Europe by myself before, chunks of Asia, and the Middle East. Last time I landed in South America on my own I signed up for local tours because I was worried about my ability to communicate. This time I’m doing it without any assistance, bar 4 days touring the remote landscape of Salar de Uyuni. I also have a better grasp of the language and the confidence that going by myself feels totally right. Knowing the direction I want to travel (Salta, Argentina to La Paz, Bolivia) along a well trodden gringo trail, is all I need to get started.

I’ll be blogging madly from the road if Bolivian internet has improved since I last passed through. Capturing as much as I can of the remote, high altitude landscapes. The natural areas I’m visiting should be the medicine I’m craving; the perfect antidote for a couple of months living in a concrete city. Huge open spaces and quiet landscapes to savour, all to myself.

Andres is heading in a different direction and we’ll meet up in a month’s time, getting together again in time to celebrate my 40th birthday!

I hope you enjoy my ride and maybe even realise that ‘doing it solo’ isn’t that scary at all.


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