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Raising awareness of awareness raisers

A couple of months ago we added a section called
Stuff we like, basically a bunch of links to pages that have been useful to us. Last week however, we listed two more links solely because of the fuzzy-feelings provided. Because that section is the dark corner of
our website, I feel it is my duty to shove them down
your face:

On a recent visit to the supermarket we spotted a few push bikes with lots of gear hanging from them and the aura of dust only a bona fide hardcore journey can give. A cool looking dude was sitting beside them, reading while his chums did the shopping. I had to ask him about his trip. Turns out the Peeble Pedalers left Prudhoe Bay 18 months ago heading to Ushuaia. Not just to exert their passion for cycling and impress the ladies. They are doing it in order “to raise awareness of and garner support for protecting the Bristol Bay Watershed from the largest proposed open pit mine in North America.” I’d donate some money if I had some.

Having a massive lunch and talking about long term travellers, someone mentioned the Zapp’s, who as a couple decided to drive a 1928 Graham Paige from Buenos Aires to Alaska in 2001. Once they reached Prudhoe Bay they said fuck it. They continued to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. Currently they are cruising the Philippines and continue to raise awareness of the fight against boredom and unremarkableness. I forgot to mention the 4 kids they had in the process.


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