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Step back in time: wwoofing in El Bolson

Closing my eyes, facing skyward, I could smell another time, a different place, a beautiful memory. The sensory wanderings kick started by our current home have been a bonus surprise. The smell of sunshiney cut grass, baking bread, fruit blossoms, playful sheep and doggy kisses, all reminding me of a happy and distant childhood.

Life at Granja los pinos has been singing it’s mellow tune for over 80 years, a farm started by a pioneering Austrian family with a beautiful vision. With acres of fruit trees, berries in abundance, nuts for harvest and sheep wandering the green spaces, their dream is now our antiquated reality.

Rustic walls surround us, cheerful windows painted countless times, as well as quirky remnants of a proud farming life – mementos of the past that have been itching the sentimental part of my head space. This wwoofing experience is a peaceful change in both a new and old direction. The family is naturally proud, embarrassingly accommodating and patiently showing us their everyday routine.

The daily gig is paced admirably around eating a large healthy lunch. Starting at 10am for three hours work, a two hour break to share the main meal, then rest and get moving for the final three hours work. We give our time six days a week in exchange for an amazing space to live, farm made breakfast and a big tasty lunch. Dinner is up to us to prepare and the 45 minute walk to town means you need to be organised.

With only three wwoofers currently on board, the morning shift includes one person to cook, and the other two people farming it up. No prize for guessing whose hogging the kitchen joy. Jobs at this time of year include prepping the soil for planting, weeding the berries, and maintaining all the green spaces. A good mix of creative indoor cooking and an outdoor eco-workout!

With no English spoken, the need to step up the Spanish vocab has taken a turn towards urgent. Left to my own devices in the kitchen, a space that reeks of home cooked goodness, my wordless work space feels right at home. I realise that after five months in Argentina I can understand enough to nod and reply basically, but the ability to speak creatively with these lovely people is limping at best.

Communicating with the animals is the highlight of the farm. With no shortage of wagging tails and bleating faces, the interaction with abundant four legged friends is very much part of the daily routine. With two working border collies keeping the sheep in line, it’s amazing to see how such intelligent dogs shine when given their ideal tasks.

We have one month to enjoy this incredible space, and I already know I wish it could last longer. The world of wwoofing is certainly serving us a beautiful ride.

To peak inside the gates of this beautiful place, my visual take is shaping up here. For more wwoofing inspiration you might be interested in our enthusiastic tales from Cordoba and El Bolson.


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There are 5 Comments to "Step back in time: wwoofing in El Bolson"

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  • Shelby MacMillan says:

    I just got back to the states with my 2 friends after spending a month in Argentina, and 3 weeks at Granja Los Pinos. We had the most amazing time at the farm. It is honestly the most beautiful and tranquil place in the world. The family is nice, and the work around the farm is super interesting. Life in El Bolson, the city down the road, is great, its a hippy town with tons of great people. I cant wait til i get to return to Argentina, El Bolson, and Granje los Pinos.

  • Shelby MacMillan says:

    Also, thank y’all so much for writing this blog. It was instrumental in our decision to chose this farm, and we are so glad that we did. Everything about it was perfect, and y’all helped us so much! Have a great trip and have the time of your lives!

  • sporks says:

    No worries. Glad you enjoyed your time in Argentina and that we could help in any way. Best wishes for anything you are up to back in your home.


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