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The scoop

Considered a dirty word by some, a daily fix for others, and generally loved by humans of all ages, if you needed another reason to consider visiting Argentina, let´s discuss helado.

We’re talking lovingly hand made, blended with Patagonian waterfall water, churned with blissful cow milk, organic dairy heaven. Some people say the best icecream pleasure comes from this part of the world.

We’ve been doing our best to test the claims and are close to making our own ecstatic comments about the joy of Argentinean icecream.

In fact, the other day we blew our daily food budget for two tubs of the stuff. Six flavours, 500gms, and a whole lot of happiness later, we felt closer to agreeing with the superlatives. The choice of local Heladeria Artesanals serving up our newest indulgence.

With full respect for the strong Italian heritage of this great country, I’ve put it out there before that Buenos Aires offers better pizza than Italy, and now in the world of my tastebuds, helado might just have followed suite. Specifically, dulce de leche with extra dulce de leche – basically an iced version of the alfajores!

Factual statistics are thin on the ground regarding the oft touted claim that Argentina has THE best icecream in the world, but word on the street and the sheer numbers queuing for the ´goods´ are proof enough
for us.

How many food groups, of which icecream surely deserves it´s own portion of the pyramid, leave almost everyone with a grin? I´m just saying, that when everything around you might have gone to shit, who doesn’t think about the restorative powers of icecream? And for a nation that´s had it´s fair share of economic and political turmoil, Argentines definitely know how to make it all go away for a few magic minutes!


Icecream is exquisite, what a pity it isn’t illegal. Voltaire

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There are 2 Comments to "The scoop"

  • Rusty Wood says:

    Hi guys,

    It has been awhile! I have just left the office early and snuck off to the studio to do some invoicing. Wow what a whirlwind of weeks it has been. I am still searching for a routine, while sorting out all the stressful stuff like paperwork and accounting. Scary. Reading your blog reminds me of how simple things could truly be. Unfortunately I don’t see any of that on my horizon. It is tempting to dream of a couple of acres tucked away in the south east… but you know me too well. Can you really imagine us without internet or a local coffee spot 🙁 I look forward to the lessons you will surely be able to teach on your return.

    Everything looks great guys! Such an inspiration. Looking forward to more stories soon.


  • kris says:

    Plenty of time for chilling once you conquer the design world with Superscript Rusty! Now is just your time to churn and grow in that direction. We’ll keep sending the simple alternative over the net, and when we return to Australia and set up a couple of acres for wwoofers close to Vegas, you’ll have the best of both at your second home. Still dreaming and wishing…

    Currently in some kind of animal heaven at this new farm and feeling the berry love. Sending you some juicy raspberry kisses x

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