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Standing in solidarity at the Meanjin Invasion Day Rally

DSC_0187I’ve kick-started the year working in a gigantic beast of a place I like to think of as Planet Hospital. A place where all people, no matter their cultural background, language or financial status are levelled by the equality of disease, crisis, or generally declining health. Where everyone should be entitled to the same support and services. But as you probably know, life, death and health aren’t that equitable after all, especially for Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) peoples.

And so it stands, that now I’m a social worker employed by the public health system, that I feel as strongly as ever about rallying in solidarity for those people in my community of Meanjin (Brisbane) on this day – January 26. A day that marks the tragic end of the traditional, Indigenous reality that existed for some 65,000 years. A reality that understands health as not only the physical wellness of the individual but the spiritual and environmental well-being of the broader community.


Organised by the Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance, today’s rally was the biggest one I have seen in my city, growing stronger every year. The ATSI community is not just asking for us as a nation to change the date of Australia Day, they are asking us to abolish it all together. And if the strength of a community can be measured by the enthusiasm of its youth, then I do believe the broader Aussie community might just have to listen. I know I am.



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