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Another spork in the road

DSC_0787The ‘journey’ has been sharply focused inward this past year – operating in study survival mode in a pair of weekend pyjamas and a tonne of ice cream – while the all consuming work of completing my Social Work degree took the front seat. Along the way my normally adventurous spirit feels like it has died a slow death.

But Andrés and I have had a master plan all along. Since we returned to Australia five years ago, the mission was very much about educating ourselves to be able to work anywhere in the world, with the opportunity to study landing firmly with me first – age, before beauty and all that. With my degree now firmly under my belt and graduation lined up for December 12, it’s time for Mr to take a lengthy break while I get down to the business of kick starting my career as a hospital social worker.


While this blog has always been about keeping a type of online diary for us, it’s feels like it’s time to capture the beginning of a new chapter. The part where Andrés takes a holiday to China by way of a Christmas stopover in his home country of Colombia. With a one way ticket to Bogotá and a backpack full of electronics, Andrés plans on bunkering down in China for as long as it takes to hone his Mandarin skills, take his passion for synthesizers to the next level, and rest his body from the physical work he’s been doing to keep us going. Hopefully then, he can return for the educate himself bit while I bring home the tofu.


While it’s likely that we will spend six months or more apart, we’ve taken a few lengthy, logistical breaks before and it’s only proven to keep things fresh and independent, so I suspect this next spork in the road will do exactly that. I am still trying to twist Andrés’ writing arm to report from some mountain back street in North Western China (where he kind of might be heading), but we will have to play that by ear.

Until then, it’s all about job hunting for me, trying to get excited about the free stuff on offer in my little Brisbane hood and a whole lot of hoping for positive career change in the year ahead. Perhaps I can even resuscitate my wanderlust and meet Andrés in China around June next year for a reunion.

Andrés sets off on December 13 for his adventure, right after I throw that black cap in the air!


The above images from our time in China, circa 2012 – with plenty of other stories filed under the Categories tab for those of you with a hankering for Southern China.

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