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Daybreak at Tallows Beach


Rising in the dark to walk through the bush at Arakwal National Park, the early sounds of expectant birds, chattery frogs and foamy waves guiding my way. It’s always a childlike pleasure to see the potential of a new day rise up out of the ocean, uninterrupted.

There is another woman just down the beach, greeting the day with a vigorous sun salutation – yet that all seems too busy for me. I sit quietly and look out to sea, absorbing the change in light as a surfer heads out in to the break.

Birds fly in and out of the changing glow and I take in that beautiful but always weighty feeling of being completely alone in the landscape. Lucky enough to have access to such peacefulness, I listen to my own thoughts and realise I still have plenty of ‘work’ to do.

As the beautiful poet Rumi wrote: The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.

I am listening.


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