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A fresh look at Byron Bay’s Lighthouse Trail


Summer has been a total sweat fest in Brisbane this past month, with temps smashing forty right in the face. As I perspired my way through the festive season, not a seabreeze in sight, all I’ve been able to think about is running head-on in to the ocean like some kind of inland bogan monster.

The time for a beachside break from work has finally come! Unfortunately, Andrés is still on the job so I’m flying solo – but lone time is easy enough when it’s on the coast at Byron Bay. It’s a place I realise I’ve been visiting for almost thirty years now and an environment that totally feels like home. While the town has definitely gotten busier and more expensive, the dramatic landscape hasn’t changed a bit.


First things first on most people’s Byron list: walk the Cape Byron track around the coastline, look for dolphins, and along the way jump in to the ocean. For me, walking the trail in the late afternoon, seeing turtles, listening to the accents of tourists gathered around the lighthouse to watch the sky change colour, and walking through the bush as the night closed in was the perfect start to my stay.


A sunset kind of sorts out your head, and when it’s accompanied by sheer cliffs and the sound of waves smashing on to rocks it has some kind of extra magic going on. With a huge final year at university ahead of me, a little sky gazing was just the reflective medicine I needed.


So here’s a fresh look at the landscape everyone kind of raves about and a link to the trail if you are not sure where to start. Of course sunrise is absolutely stunning on this walk too – any time of day really!

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