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You spin me right round, Brisbane!

cw3m9g5viaamqjeLucky for us locals, Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art is celebrating it’s tenth anniversary with an incredible exhibition – Sugar Spin: You, Me, Art and Everything. Several crowd favourites from the past decade have made a comeback to the gallery and there are a few distinctive and dynamic newbies.

30991220975_ace5c8a538_bDominating the entrance to the space is a vibrant, impossible not to touch (read: dive in to) wall of synthetic hair entitled NervescapeAnother space presents a group of festive sculptural horses that will be brought to life by dancers come mid January, entitled Heard – for those passing through you can appreciate the performance projected on video.


A giant, spiralling silver slide that is super popular for kids and kids-at-heart, known as the Left/Right Slide provides a quick exit from the top floor of the gallery to the bottom.


My personal favourite is an oversized hyper-realistic sculpture of a woman called In bed which adds and extra surreal layer to the exhibition. Reactions from children ranged from visibly scared to entranced. Again, hard not to reach out and interact with this piece!

dsc_0721There is, as per usual GOMA fabulousness, plenty of creative spaces for kids to explore; including an underwater-esque art room and a bean bag chill out area that fronts the sweet river view.


Sugar Spin runs until April 17 in Brisbane. Hope you get there!


Photos are mine, accept the first image of the artist who felt it was appropriate to dive on in to the Nervescape installation. I secretly wanted to!

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