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Mooching around Melbourne

dsc_0619After a taxing university semester and a sweaty Summer in Brisbane stretching ahead of us, we decided to take a city break in Melbourne. The idea being to escape the Brisbane humidity, catch a comedy show, mooch around the street-art filled suburbs and treat ourselves to some decadent meals.

dsc_0643For anyone who appreciates street art you’ll need to get yourself to the Art of Banksy exhibition that is on until January 22, 2017; it follows the rise of a British artist who has used his creativity to inspire people to think about political issues. Importantly, Banksy was not the business force behind this exhibition, leaving me wondering how comfortable he might be with anyone profiting from his work.


After only ever visiting Melbourne in the darkness of Winter, it was a totally different experience seeing the city out and about in the Summer sunshine. Here’s a look at the creative colour that made our visit all the more inspirational. You’re alright Melbs!


Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place. Banksy.

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