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Staying at a traditional Colombian Farm

dsc_0986Leaving the beautiful countryside around Salento behind we headed across the coffee region towards the town of Montenegro, an area dotted with traditional coffee plantations known in Colombia as fincasWhat is special about the region is the opportunity to spend some time staying at a finca in a traditional country house, in a way that kind of feels like ‘fantasy Colombia’. We found an incredibly peaceful place (above) surrounded by expansive views of plantain fields, fruit trees and coffee crops. A totally chilled experience that will remain a highlight for us this trip.


We spent a couple of nights in an old two storey home as the only guests apart from a Dutch mother and son. Andrés and I took over the top floor, complete with creaky timber verandahs, hammock views and wide open skies. A place with no internet, antique furniture, wholesome home made food, excellent coffee and nothing but the heavy sounds of frogs and birds; pure country bliss.



Our finca was down the road from the unusual but incredible Parque del Cafe; over 100 hectares of botanical gardens, coffee crops and a tasteful amusement park. We spent six hours walking the steep garden trails, tasting the local food, riding dodgem cars, the cable car, and jumping on a water driven tube ride to cool off. All good, surprisingly wholesome fun!dsc_1055

This region of Colombia is now officially my favourite part of the country. If only we had more time to explore we could easily spend a month in the coffee region alone. Below you’ll find images from our farm stay as well as the natural highlights from the Parque del Cafe. As per usual, I’m hoping the images tell more of a story than I can ever say in words. Gracias por todo Colombia, que han sido increíble!

Next stop Santiago de Chile!


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