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The colourful Colombian town of Salento

DSC_0916After so much time spent during previous visits in other parts of Colombia, and by no reasonable explanation, Andrés and I had never visited the coffee growing region together – even for him it remained some kind of vague childhood memory.

I realise now that we might have saved the best until last, because I’ve fallen hard for this tiny town. A place with expansive green vistas in every direction; with the perfect Spring-like, high altitude climate and friendly, horse-riding locals.


Made up of few streets, a main plaza and gregariously painted homes and shop fronts, the little village of Salento screams in colour for tourists. Add to that a steady supply of naturally inspired activities, coffee scented air, chilled hammock-strung hostels, a thriving art scene and traditionally dressed farmers, and you can begin to see why Salento is a place I would go so far to say is my favourite place in Colombia.



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