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Getting a taste for Colombia’s coffee culture

DSC_0902Colombia, being the world’s third largest producer of coffee behind Brazil and Vietnam, means it’s kind of hard to escape the aroma as you travel throughout the country. After four years avoiding the stuff I made an executive decision as soon as we arrived that not drinking coffee on this trip was absolute nonsense. It would be like not drinking beer in Ireland – loco!


In the town of Salento where we are exploring the country’s coffee region the waft of coffee beans is certainly not subtle. In the main town and along the local trails, you can constantly smell coffee – mixed with the heady scent of fallen fruits like banana, avocado and guava. Farmers will wave or offer a friendly smile and locals get about on dirt roads in jeeps and motorbikes; happy to stop if you need a point in the right direction. You can imagine why the ultra green, mountainous region is easy to fall in love with. 


Salento is a colourful little town at an altitude of 1895 metres that is popular with travellers as a chilled place to explore nature, and to load up on world class coffee of course. Besides hiking, horse riding, tasting the local delicacies (trout and pork) and chilling in a hammock, visiting a coffee plantation rates pretty highly for most tourists.


We can highly recommend this one as a well regarded, sustainable and ethical coffee farm. It’s a beautiful walk about an hour from the main plaza through hilly homesteads and country lanes and the tours are in English or Spanish. You get to pick your own ripe coffee cherries on the farm and sip some of their first class brew.

Here’s a taste!





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