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Kicking back in Cartagena

dsc_0663Cartagena is one of those places in Colombia that you kind of have to find out what all the fuss is about. Imagine a huge, stone fortress wherein classic Colombian buildings have been turned in to upmarket hotels and fine restaurants; interspersed with bars and markets that have attracted local patrons for hundreds of years. All enhanced by a crumbling, artistic beauty that takes on a kind of magical ambience at night.

dsc_0672The historic walled city sits on the edge of a busy Caribbean port where the culture has developed from island living, seafaring Spanish trade, freed African slaves and creole cooking. The heat is relentless, the street food fresh and the all night salsa music infectious. Knowing that the city is a jumping off point to exotic islands, coral reefs, and powdery beaches it’s easy to see how Cartagena is the most visited destination in the country.

dsc_0684As tourists staying in a friends’ home style hostal in Getsemani, our days were spent sitting in the shade when it was too hot to move, sipping cerveza, and watching the colourful passage of locals pedalling anything from rum infused coffee to salted green mango and octopus cerviche.

You could spend days working your way through the exotic list of fruit cocktails, coconut infused deserts and seafood options alone. Add to all of that a thriving street art scene, a small surfing community and an elite group of international tourists with money to burn and you’ve got an eclectic destination that’s well worth spending a few days.

Thanks for an awesome stay Senor Faustino!


For more photos of Cartagena from our last visit you might like this blog post.

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