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Watching the world go by in Villa de Leyva

dsc_0488A few hours drive outside the capital of Bogotá is a place I like to think of as ‘fantasy’ Colombia. A place set in a valley below the Andes mountain range where some locals still ride horses and meet in the square wearing a sombrero and a poncho over their shoulders. A traditional village where cobblestone streets, white washed walls and terracotta rooftops assemble in a grand historic plaza.

dsc_0462It’s no wonder that Villa de Leyva sits at number two behind Cartagena as the most popular tourist destination in Colombia. As a beautiful maze of hotels, restaurants and shops, Villa de Leyva remains virtually unchanged for hundreds of years, a testament to the durability, peace and good government of the Colombian community that lives there.

dsc_0472Together with Andres’ parents we spent a few days enjoying all that the village has to offer; food slowly cooked in the smoky coals of the wood fired oven, futbol games watched fireside, and chilled time exploring the rustic streets and restaurants.

dsc_0498Besides all of the obvious charm, what is great about Villa de Leyva compared to Bogota is the feeling of safety; especially being able to walk around autonomously as a woman who is clearly a tourist. In the capital, due to big city crime, I generally don’t like to carry anything of value, so it’s not only good to get some country air but feel free to get creative with my camera.

With all that in mind here’s a peak at the historic vibe of this stunning part of Colombia.


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