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Back in the beat of Bogotá

dsc_0374Colombia is one of those countries that plays havoc with good intentions; in a you-only-live-once, reckless kind of way. Being back on the busy, high altitude streets of Bogotá, where the weather does it’s drizzly best to lure you in to cafe’s, bars and restaurants, it’s easy to forget all the rules and dive in to eating and drinking like a local (albeit one who has been told they only have days to live!).

dsc_0375Within 24 hours I had succumbed to the intoxicating aroma of Colombian beans, kicking a four year abstinence from the stuff well and truly to the curb. Within pretty much the same time (because we all know coffee is a gateway drug), I decided that my long term sobriety was an equally stupid idea in a city that is all about music, staying up late and dancing with abandon. Not to mention, the magical powers of alcohol when it comes to the ability to speak in a second language. Add to all of that a decadent array of high calorie cuisine and my stomach is fast realising that five weeks at this pace may need 5 months of recovery. But who cares, seriously?

Colombia has definitely grabbed us by the short and curly’s and reminded us why life in Latin America is all about enjoying the moment with family and old friends.

Between some crappy phone shots and my good camera, here’s a taste.


Next stop: the historic town of Villa de Leyva.

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