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Photodump: Postcode 2060


I realise how many months it’s been since I posted. Life has been consumed by multiple casual jobs, full time study and a distinct lack of adventuring worth sharing; all for a positive, higher purpose of course. However, I did take a whirlwind trip to Sydney recently to shoot some photos for a friend; she wanted to capture the essence of MacMahons Point, a suburb on Sydney’s lower North Shore. Once predominantly working-class, it is now one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs and it retains that beautiful mixture of old world charm and dilapidated cool. With killer views of Sydney harbour thrown in!


For me, it’s a suburb dear to my heart, having studied, lived and worked in the area throughout my twenties, it feels so familiar. I love the textures, the terraces, the stroll to the harbour and the eclectic mix of people that live there.


MacMahons Point is an excellent area to stay if you’re visiting Sydney but want to escape the bustle of the inner city and still be close to the action.

So here’s a bit more info on the area and a few snaps of my favourite, standout architectural details. Enjoy! Kris

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