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WelcomeFest 2015


As part of World Refugee Week, the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) coordinates a festival to celebrate the growing diversity of people and cultures that we have in Australia. Dance performances, tasty global food, workshops and cooking demonstrations were only part of the colour amongst a sea of beautiful faces.

It’s no secret that I’m ashamed of Australia’s tough political stance on asylum seekers – feeling we have a long way to go to correct our current human rights abuses in offshore detention centres – let alone increasing the numbers of people we welcome in to our communities.

Seeing the simple joy of people free to celebrate themselves today, their history and their families, gave me a little hope that things might one day change for the better.

Good job MDA!


I’m also celebrating scoring an ongoing volunteer gig this week, supporting newly arrived asylum seekers with their paperwork through a local community group. If you feel passionate about helping and want to get involved (in the Brisbane area) please let me know. Here are the facts.

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