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Dundee Beach dreaming


With cyclonic weather, a massive king tide and steamy wet season temperatures, my girlfriend Tarz had the brilliant idea of visiting Dundee. Only a couple of hours drive south west of Darwin, Dundee beach turned out to be the perfect, dramatic landscape to spend some time relaxing. Population 400, stuff going on – zero.


We spent a couple of days watching the waves break unforgivingly over the red, volcanic beach and heavy clouds turn the Timor Sea to steel. Time spent fossicking around the unbelievable ochre of the barren coastline and hovering over blow holes. Hiring a beach house big enough for twelve, we collected coconuts, meditated, stretched, swam in the plunge pool away from the crocs and saluted the sunrise in complete peaceful isolation. The colours, a stark contrast to the brilliant blues of the Australia I grew up with on the east coast.

Plenty of people visit Dundee to fish the surrounding estuaries and the one local pub is testament to that. But just taking time to connect with the coast, completely slow down, switch off and chat is always going to feel like decadent and precious time to me. After my visit to Darwin, spent in the generous company of a communal house, full of creative and intelligent women, it was the perfect end to an experience that I soon won’t forget.


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