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Natural Sydney Harbour


Growing up in Sydney means I’m a little biased, but I have heard many people say how much they love the beauty of the harbour and I’m no different. I’ve also heard people say how much they dislike the city hustle and the stressed out locals. I’m not a fan of big cities in general either and usually prefer a natural space, but Sydney has plenty of places to chill out if you just know where to start.

Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden

I’ve been revisiting the main harbour in the last few days, Lavender Bay, Bennelong Point and the expansive green lungs of the stunning Royal Botanic Gardens, all an easy stroll from the noise of the main business district. Here’s a peak at the colour going on right now…


If you need a more detailed point in a natural direction you might like this previous post or our link to hiking the Sydney Harbour National Park trail.

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