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Photodump: Golden city

Rainforest pod

It seems like some kind of nature conspiracy has been happening of late. On my regular bushwalk the trees have been bursting with golden petals, rainforest seed pods have been turning outrageous shades of happy and the colour orange has been yelling at me for attention. I love it.

Poinciana sunset

Celebrating the end of my first year at university it’s hard not to notice the vibrant energy around me, especially as colours seem to be rising in sync with late Spring heat waves. It’s hard not to be cheery when the poinciana trees are ablaze with red petals, offering golden shade against an unforgiving sun. I just wanted to share some of the sultry items that have been arresting my attention, in art and in nature – I hope they make you smile too!


“Turn your face to the sun and all of the shadows fall behind you” Helen Keller

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