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The Great Ocean Road

The 12 Apostles

One of the most spectacular drives in Australia would have to be the stretch of heritage listed tarmac that winds some 243 kilometres along the bottom of Australia’s coastline. Aptly named the Great Ocean Road, the drive takes you through forest, past lush rolling hills and wild seaside cliffs. Neither Andres or I had explored the region before and have to rate it as one of the best drives we have ever seen, anywhere!

The golden hour

Leaving at 4.30am, we left a very chilly Melbourne behind, driving under a bright full moon for a couple of hours before we hit the start of the Great Ocean Road. As the light slowly illuminated the grey and the day began, we were rewarded with a stunning landscape that is hard to capture on camera. Ending at the famous 12 Apostles we headed down to the beach, endured a brief hail storm and sideways rain until a brilliant rainbow and intermittent sun lit up the view.

I just wanted to share a few snaps from the drive for those that haven’t had the pleasure, or for those in reach of the place, please add the drive to your wander list. It’s a huge day of driving from Melbourne return but there are plenty of places to stay on the way if you have the time. There is also a lengthy hike known as the Great Ocean Walk that is mean’t to be incredible, the perfect reason for us to return!


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