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Photodump: Hiking the Coomera Circuit

Lamington National Park will always be one of my favourite places to escape the city and today was no exception. As a group of friends and I prepare for a 55km fundraising hike at the end of June, it feels kinda nice to have ‘training’ in a World Heritage listed rainforest.

One of my all time favourite spots in the park

The Coomera Circuit is my favourite hike in the Binna Burra section of the Park and it has a lot to do with the amount of musical water crossings the trail wanders over. Walking along the cliff’s edge, the Circuit takes you down in to the rainforest, beside creekside spaces and back up out of the filtered light, through mossy trails past waterfalls, mushrooms, pademelons, lyrebirds and creatures of the leechy variety.

Naturally, I wanted to share some of the cool green spaces from today….


You can also find the latest info about hikes and camping options at Lamington online here.
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