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Hiking for a good cause

My kind of Church

With a new study semester about to start and very empty pockets I recently decided a fresh goal was in order. Something that would fit a student budget, involve some outdoor exploration and induce a challenging fitness routine. A new habit that might exhaust my wanderlust on a day that Andres is usually hard at work – slowing me down enough to relish our lazy Sunday’s together.

Queue the Oxfam Trailwalk; a fifty five or one hundred kilometre track through some beautiful bushland close to home. It’s an annual hike that aims to raise money to reduce poverty and injustice in the world. Perfect.

So four months out from the hike date means that weekends are now religiously devoted to a lengthy Saturday sweat in the bush, to top off training around the city during the week. Along the way I plan on visually sharing the regular little parts of the Aussie bush that stand out to me, spaces that keep me grounded, clear my head and emulate my version of a spiritual experience.

Hope you can join me!


I believe in God, only I spell it ‘Nature’ – Frank Lloyd Wright

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