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The River

Watching the tide change

The Hawkesbury River is a very special place for our family – a tidal estuary that runs some 120 kilometres to its mouth in Sydney’s Broken Bay. My Dad has been dedicated to fishing it for close to seventy years and his father loved the river for most of his life.

Grandfather had a boathouse there and used to sell his fresh catch to people passing by on the train to the city, he studied each bend in the river religiously, learning the ideal tide to catch bream and jewfish.

Along with my three sisters, I grew up going out on the boat with Dad before sunrise, motoring in the cold dark to the well-earned spots, lining up the landmarks and waiting for the tide to run.


Going fishing with Dad was the place that we would each have one on one time, somewhere natural, completely quiet; a place that we could get grubby and be listened to without competing for attention. Time to talk.

For me, the river is a place that is naturally beautiful, filled with the sentimental smells of boat fuel, mullet gut, fresh fish scales and salty air.

It’s been a while since we had that time, six years in fact. Even as a vegetarian I went fishing with Dad, happy just to be out on the water, ambivalent about killing a living thing. Now, as a veg-aquarian I believe if I’m going to eat fish I should at least be able to catch it, with respect.

The other day that’s exactly what we did. The familiar tug of the anchor and the bend in the rod coming back more easily than I imagined.


This sentimental post and the photos of our space is purely a record for Dad. For all the quality time, patience and lessons he has shared with me over the years; a place that instilled a deep love of nature and the joy of watching the changing light of daybreak. Precious time that taught me ‘Church’ can always be found outdoors if you take the time to be there.


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