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Hiking the Sydney Harbour National Park trail

Heading to Grotto Point amongst the gum trees

Most tourists bang on about the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk when they are visiting Sydney and it is unarguably spectacular – but crowded! So I’d like to introduce you to an equally gorgeous, less developed, more natural and way less busy version of a Sydney Harbour walk. While there are plenty of nice hikes to choose from, in my opinion, the Manly Scenic Walkway hugs some of Sydney Harbour’s most stunning seaside bushland; at the same time making you feel like you’ve got the place to yourself (apart from weekends perhaps).

Water monitor taking in the sunThe 10 kilometre track meanders around the foreshore from The Spit Bridge at Clontarf via Dobroyd Head to Manly, taking the average walker about three to four hours to complete. I’d allow longer for a day with perfect Summer weather. Pack something to swim in, lunch, plenty of sunscreen and a pair of thongs. Slip off shoes will allow you to wade through high tide around rocky coves and cool your feet away from the sandy tracks. There is also a nude beach along the way at Washaway Bay in case you forget your kit or prefer to fly free and breezy!

I could say a lot more about the hike or simply show you the pictures below, maybe even inspire the average tourist to extract themselves from Bondi and see a little of the North side pace of life… believe me it’s special!


For another beautiful harbour hike around Sydney you might like this one!

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