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Sydney Harbour life

Heading out to North head near Manly

You’d have a hard time convincing me that any other Australian city can compete with the beauty of Sydney harbour; especially the meandering tributaries, the open seas and the steep sandstone cliffs that change colour under the influence of the sun. The waterways are also a huge influence on the way Aussies go about their daily life and spend time outdoors.

Fortunately for my family we grew up a stones throw from middle harbour, a place where bush land meets protected coves and a boat launching spot is a five-minute drive away.

So for this visit, when my Dad suggested a sunrise fish and a coast out to the main harbour I was up well before the sun and raring to go – eager to remind myself of the beauty I miss living further North.

Stand up paddle boarders greet the day

Life on the harbour is busy with early morning rowers, paddle boarders, bobbing yachts, diving seagulls, and public ferries whisking people across the waves to work. I wanted to capture the changing light and the peacefulness of the morning, precious time when I usually have the most candid and unhurried chats with my Dad over a line in the water.

This time we didn’t catch anything. A visual record and time with my nature loving father is always more important to me than eating fresh squid or a bag of black fish. Maybe next week we’ll bring home something for the bbq!


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