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The perfect Aussie park day

Late afternoon golden gorgeousness

In Australia, drinking in the park could be described as a passionate cultural tradition. People get married in parks, celebrate major events, spend hours lazing around over picnics or kicking some kind of ball. All with an ample supply of booze tucked somewhere in to the picture. This weekend was no different, albeit a little more special.

Miss Bree’s annual birthday celebration has been adding a little colour to New Farm Park for several years in a row now; complete with a blow up pool of ice for drinks and this year a Fanny the flamingo mascot. What is so lovely about it, besides the gorgeous location on the banks of the Brisbane River, the beautiful old fig trees and the abundance of home made treats, is that some people only come together once a year.


I’ve missed the past four Park Day’s being overseas or away so it was particularly noice to get my plastic glass out and celebrate. It’s also nearly the end of a great first semester at University with some better than expected exam results. So I brushed off my thongs and spent a beautiful afternoon in the nearly 30 degrees Spring sunshine.

I also wanted to share some of the faces, gorgeous food and riverside landscape that are so very much part of the way we appreciate living in the ever chilled city of Brisbane.

Happy birthday Miss Bree! x


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