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Trying to stop in Lombok

All my life I’ve found it incredibly hard to stay in one place.

Yeah, yeah, first world problems and all that. I’ve lost count of the number of houses I’ve lived in and I seem to be always craving new environments, new cultures and new foods to shove in my fickle mouth. Anything new.

In fact routine has always scared me or quickly bored me and I’m not even sure what fuels the desire for change – that I may be too old to travel one day, that I could die at any moment, that I might miss out on something. I’m not sure if I’ll ever work out what makes me wander, if I’ll grow out of it, or even if I want to.

Just a small section of Indonesia but so much to see

With only three weeks for this visit to Indonesia I look at the map and imagine exploring about 15 different places across Bali, Lombok and the Gilli Islands, with lots of time required to get from one place to the next. I dangle maps in front of Andres’ face and tell him about all the ‘stuff’ there is to see in one place or the next. “I just want to relax” he says. “Stop, read books, sleep in, you know, make no plans and not move much.”

“Really?” “But there’s SO much to see, and we might never come back here.” I think out loud.

I have to admit that Andres is possibly the most up for adventure person I’ve ever met, ready to slum it if the budget requires, very comfortable with a little luxury when we can afford it and always open to any cultural experience that others might find offensive. He’s always the one that helps me stop a little longer in a place when we are travelling long term and really get to know it. He’s also the person that has pushed me to do the things that have scared me along the way  and made me  glad about them in hindsight.

But he works a whole lot harder than me and really needs a break this time.

So we’ve made it to Senggigi beach on the island of Lombok, I’ve paired down my destination list to only shifting every three days and still I feel restless. I want to fill up each day with trips to villages, visits to see the local artisans, distant waterfalls and anything else the area has to offer.

I wake up early, I wait rather impatiently for Andres to sleep in, read his book leisurely over breakfast and gather the energy to explore a little slice of the coastline with me on motorbike. I realise I’m a nightmare.

There’s only one thing to do – leave Andres in peace on an island while I spend the next three days in constant movement exploring a volcano that I’ve been dreaming about for a while – a hike that involves a very steep climb to stop at hot springs and volcanic lakes that sit in the crater. The plan being to exhaust my wanderlust a bit with a small group of strangers that are up for the same thing.

I’ve been trying for the past few days to observe the little things, the colour of nature around me and the routine of Indonesian life. There have been some beautiful sunsets, one of the few things that easily arrests my wandering attention, forcing me to sit and stop and observe. But maybe I like sunsets so much because they are a fleeting example of how quickly and dramatically everything can change.

I know one day I’ll have to stop, then I’ll be able to sit and recount all the incredible places I’ve been.


We did manage to drive the full length of Lombok from North to South and all the way up the middle on a motorbike (easily the cheapest way to get around and explore the island yourself for about $5 AUSD per day. Senggigi Beach is definitely the pick of places to stop.

How about you – do you still get restless when you wander?


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  • Koren says:

    I absolutely know the feeling, Kris. Any routine that sticks around for longer than about a week and I’m am furious with boredom! I can’t even stand to eat the same thing for breakfast every day. Glad I’m not the only one. I wonder if that feeling of restlessness gradually subsides as we grow older?

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