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Seafood gazing at Jimbaran Bay

Jimbaran shoeless seafood dining

First stop in Bali – we needed a place close to the airport for our midnight arrival, preferably near the beach and preferably cheap. Come on down Jimbaran Bay! The biggest attraction for us being that the area boasts the best seafood in Bali.

While Andres slept off his recent lengthy night shifts I took an early morning walk around the central food market. Outstanding smells include sweet frangipani, spicy satay roasting on coal fires, over ripe bananas, wafts of lotus incense and the ever present smell of the locals favourite – sweet clove cigarettes. Unsure of how appropriate it is to take photos of people I’m starting off with a few food shots of the produce that stood out to me the most.

Bananas and fruits at the local market

Having said that, I wasn’t quick enough to capture the creatures that arrested my attention in the meat section. Even though I’ve seen quite a few unrefrigerated meat markets around the world I wasn’t prepared for the scurrying rats that I first mistook as large pigeons. They looked extremely well fed – so well fed I’ll be doing my best to talk Andres out of eating much meat. Sticking to freshly caught fish that we can see arriving on boats to the bay might be the safer way to go.

The big attraction of Jimbaran has to be the restaurants that set up before sunset along the length of the white sand beach. Choosing where and what to eat first being the only quagmire. So here’s a visual taste of what the vibe is like from a Southern Balinese fishing village, a place that we can guarantee rates highly on the taste buds!


You’ll have to forgive our lack of seafood photos from dinner – they may have been the best chilli prawns I’ve ever eaten and everything was devoured too quickly for a photo!



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